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Services & Pricing

Quilting Services:

  1. Edge-to-edge:  .02/square inch

  2. Custom work:  .03/square inch



  1. 10 cents/inch if binding is all prepared.

  2. $5 flat fee for binding preparation.


Custom Quilt:

  1. Cost is subject to the size, details of piecing, details of quilting, type of fabric, amount of batting, thread and numerous other variables. Please contact me with the details and to get a quote.


Memory Quilts:

A Memory Quilt is one that is made using a person’s clothing, such as a man’s shirts, a woman’s aprons, etc. The quilt is then a keepsake for the family. The size, design, type and condition of the fabric used as well as if other fabric will need to be purchased, batting, thread and fabric for the backing are some of the considerations in giving you an accurate quote. Please contact me to get a quote for your Memory Quilt.

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