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About me

My love of sewing started a long time ago. When I was 7 or 8 years old my Aunt Helen introduced me to sewing by helping me make an apron for my Mom. I’ll never forget it. The main part was periwinkle blue. The big three-section pocket across the front was made with a floral fabric, white background and blue, green and pink flowers. The whole thing was made more special by adding pom-pom trim across the pockets. I was so amazed and proud. That experience ignited a life-long passion for sewing.

Over the years I made clothes for me and my sister and later for my kids. I also made all sorts of curtains and decorations and various things for the house. Then about seven years ago I was introduced to quilting by some dear high school girlfriends. With their encouragement I decided to give it a try and make a quilt for my bed. I chose the pattern from a magazine and then one of my friends went with me to pick out the fabric. After 4 hours in the fabric shop I emerged totally excited!

The quilt pattern I had chosen was for intermediate level not beginners but I didn’t realize it at the time. I went ahead and cut all the pieces and pieced them together. Then I asked another friend of mine who had a small version of a longarm if she would quilt it for me. She said “no” but she would be happy to show me how to do it myself on her machine! My excitement continued to grow. I got to learn yet another skill in the process. I quilted it with an overall meandering pattern. Then I finished it off with the binding after getting some more instructions. I love that quilt and to this day it is still on the foot of my bed.

I continued my quilting adventure by making all sorts of quilts and table runners and placemats. I made quilts for all my grandchildren and my kids. Mostly this was done on my domestic machine! The larger quilts I quilted myself on longarm machines of my friends when I started but I now have my own longarm machine.  I learn something new with every quilt project I do!

I love quilting! Every part of the process from start to finish! And now I can share my passion and skills with you by making custom quilts, memory quilts or doing the quilting and bindings for you on your own projects. I am here to help!

Memory Quilts

A Memory Quilt can be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else. It is a wonderful, comforting reminder of a loved one whether they have passed or not. They are made with that person’s clothing such as a man’s shirts, a woman’s aprons, baby clothes or little girl’s dresses to help keep the memories alive as they grow up.

Custom Quilts

You pick the pattern, fabric and colors. I can help you with that if you wish. Then I will cut and piece the quilt top together, quilt it with batting and backing fabric and sew the binding on. It will be a quilt made exactly as you wished!

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